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Jade jewellery made of Nephrite set in silver or gold. Earrings, pendants and bangles.

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Style: Sydney
Green Jade elliptical pendant mounted in silver.
Bracelets | show 2 items
Earrings | show 32 items
Pins | show 1 item
Necklaces | show 1 item
Pendants | show 72 items
Style: Austral
Delicate carved Jade leaf pendant in black Nephrite Jade featuring fine gold lacing.
Bangles | show 6 items
Earrings | show 19 items
Pendants | show 41 items
Style: Art of Jade
Organic coastal lines sway across this amulet style pendant carved from black Cowell Jade.
Pendants | show 22 items
Style: Ocean
Inspired by traditional South Pacific amulets, these pendant earrings are available in black Jade and a choice of gold settings.
Earrings | show 18 items
Pendants | show 72 items
Style: Animalia
The shy, elusive wombat is beautifully represented in this silky black Jade figurine.
Figurines | show 12 items
Pendants | show 2 items
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