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Jade jewellery made of Nephrite set in silver or gold. Earrings, pendants and bangles.

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All products / Series: Australian Animals

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Delicately carved, large black Jade sitting koala is destined to be a life-long favourite.
Black Jade Koala Figurine
The shy, elusive wombat is beautifully represented in this silky black Jade figurine.
Black Jade Wombat Figurine
Unique to Australia, the echidna is one of the country's quirkiest wildlife here recreated for you in finely carved black Nephrite stone.
Black Jade Echidna Figurine
Much more appealing than the real thing, the unique natural markings of the black Jade give this crocodile an almost realistic appearance.
Black Jade Crocodile Figurine
There is almost a smile on the face of this finely carved crocodile in black Jade with a subtle dark green tint.
Black Jade Crocodile Figurine
Australia's favourite bush creature, this koala and baby are carved from a single piece of black Jade and make ideal souvenirs or gifts.
Black Jade Koala with Baby Figurine
The inquisitive, large Tasmanian devil in black Jade is an appealing take on one of Australia's grumpiest little creatures.
Black Jade Tasmanian Devil Figurine
Impish little Tasmanian Devil in black Nephrite Jade is one of the cutest in the collection.
Black Jade Tasmanian Devil
The travelling kangaroo carved from black Jade is an imaginative representation of our most famous native animal.
Black Jade Kangaroo Figurine
The black Jade mother roo and her joey reflects one of Australia's most iconic images.
Black Jade Kangaroo with Baby Figurine
Carved from black Jade, the roo and joey will captivate you with their contrasting, garnet-coloured eyes.
Black Jade Kangaroo Figurine
Traditionally carved small black Nephrite Jade platypus is an ideal gift for children.
Black Jade Platypus Pendant
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